The Paradise Scarf  depicts what Singapore is like - forever blooming. In the literal sense, when one looks around, they see the stunning co-existence of nature and concrete. While in the more abstract sense, Singapore is constantly blooming into a more advance city-state that still holds on strong to our old traditions and cultures. Singapore's ongoing balance of 2 contrasts is represented in this Paradise Scarf - bright flowers blooming against a backdrop of silver and grey tiled background. A  blend of beautiful chaos and symmetrical structure. Celebrate the paradisal nature of our little island with your Paradise Scarf


This Paradise Scarf comes in a gift box along with a Care Card.


Details of scarf:

  • Silk
  • 200cm x 72cm


  • For damaged goods upon delivery, provide proof of damaged good(s) within 3 days and returns should be made within 2 weeks upon our acknowledgement. 

    Strictly no refunds.

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